Governor Walker is drawing fire for using a speech in California to unveil some of his policy goals for the next session.

In a speech Friday at the Ronald Reagan Foundation in California, Governor Walker rolled out several major policy initiatives he hopes to pursue next year. They include pushing through tax cuts, expanding school voucher programs, and making changes to higher education funding so that it is tied more to student outcomes.

Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca says it was unfortunate the governor decided to reveal his agenda for Wisconsin somewhere else. He says Democrats want to work with the governor, but “every time we turn around it seems like he’s got some new agenda that he’s never even discussed with us.”

Walker’s comments came after a question from the audience, which Barca admits might have caught the governor off-guard. Still, he says he would like to see major policy plans brought to leaders first before being discussed in a public forum.

As for the proposals, Barca says Democrats will have to see the specifics before they can support them. He says “the devil is always in the details,” but they will reach across the aisle to see if they can find common ground on the issues.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:10)

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