Governor Scott Walker is applauding a decision by the federal government to hold off on implementing a key requirement of ObamaCare.

The Obama Administration on Tuesday announced it was pushing back the start date for requiring companies with 50 or more employees to offer health insurance. Governor Walker was surprised by the move, although he says moving it back from January of next year to 2015 is a welcome decision.

Walker says it’s a good sign to him, after hearing from several employers that they were uncertain about how they were going to deal with the mandate. Walker believes the push to delay the start of the requirement was the result of those concerns, and worries that could be stifling economic growth.

AUDIO: Gov. Scott Walker (1:02)

The governor admits that politics might have played a role in the decision as well, since problems with the January 2014 start date could have been an “albatross” around the necks of Democrats heading in to the mid-term elections.

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