As the Republican National Convention gets underway, some advice for Donald Trump, from former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker

“Look forward, make the case that Joe Biden’s become radical,” Walker said Sunday on “Meet The Press.”

Walker, who was with Donald Trump when the president held a campaign rally in Oshkosh one week ago, has also been tapped to nominate Vice President Mike Pence for reelection on the first night of the RNC which, like last week’s Democratic convention, will be largely but not exclusively virtual.

“I think the president’s clearly gonna lay out his plans for the future, talking about how we get America working again, how we get America healthy again, and how we keep America safe. And you’re going to hear from people who benefited from criminal justice reform. You’re going to hear from Democrats who’ve walked away from Democrats who walked away from their party because of decades of mismanagement in some of our nation’s largest cities,”
Walker said.

“In Wisconsin, where there once upon a time were actually Obama-Walker voters who eventually went for Trump as well, they’ve got to show how they can get things going in the right direction,” said the failed 2016 presidential candidate. “And then contrast that with Joe Biden, who has really outsourced his agenda to the radical left of his party, including his running mate who according to Newsweek has got a voting record that’s more liberal than Bernie Sanders.”

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