Waupun city officials are coming to grips with this week’s crime spree, allegedly by a city police officer. Lieutenant Bradley Young, a 22 year veteran of the department, is believed to have committed burglaries, car thefts and a high speed chase in multiple counties.

City officials were informed first thing Monday morning about the situation, according to City Administrator Kyle Clark. He said they and the community have been through a range of emotions over the week. “I think right now it’s more (a feeling of) betrayal to the department, betrayal to the city and betrayal to the community,” he said.

On Thursday, a Burnett County judge set a $50,000 signature bond for Young with a $10,000 cash bond component. He has to post the cash bond by Friday afternoon to be released from jail. No charges have been brought yet. The Waupun Police Department has placed him on administrative leave.

Clark said Waupun has had a lot to be proud about lately. “There’s been so many great things that have been happening here,” he said. “We’re really proud of our community. This kind of takes your breath away.”

Bob Nelson, KFIZ


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