Wausau Mayor Katie Rosenberg joined staff and volunteers in doing a count of the city’s homeless population Wednesday night.

Rosenberg says that it’s important to her to be a part of helping the most vulnerable residents of the city. 

“It’s one thing to kind of intellectualize and understand it in that way and work on the policy from there, but it’s a completely different thing to go out there and actually talk to folks. ‘How long have you been living like this?’ you know, ‘Do you have any problems with mental health or addiction?'”

Rosenberg says the federal government requires a count in January, but that the city likes to do several a year. 

“There are some people who are out sleeping in January. They for whatever reason aren’t seeking shelter at the Salvation Army or Catholic Charities so it’s good to know how many people that’s their year-round kind of lifestyle.”

Rosenberg says it’s important to remember that some people just struggle with keeping a home, and that the city has to be there to help provide other services for its homeless residents.

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