As school districts around the state and the country prepare to reopen, there are still many questions about how to do it safely.

Wisconsin Education Association Council Region One President Tammy Erickson says just getting the kids to and from school will be a challenge. 

“Are we going to run the bus route 2 or 3 times during the day? Are we cleaning the buses between each route? I know in my school district they are. They’re going to be running a morning route, cleaning the buses, running the night route, cleaning the buses.”

Erickson says that like everyone else, the teachers want to get the kids back into the classroom. They just want to make sure it’s safe for everyone to do so. 

“We miss our kids, we missed our co-workers, we miss what’s happening in the building, we miss watching our children learn and grow, and we just want it to be as safe as possible for all of us to go back together.”

WEAC has asked Governor Tony Evers to require schools to remain closed for now and to start the school year online only, arguing that the threat of COVID-19 remains too high for students and staff to return safely.


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