During a public hearing at the Capitol f the State Assembly’s elections committee on Wednesday, Wisconsin Elections Commission staff refuted claims of elections fraud made by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

WEC technology director Robert Kehoe told members of the Assembly Elections Committee that it’s nearly impossible to create an entirely fraudulent vote. He explained that doing to would entail twenty steps that need to be taken for each individual vote.

“Right now I’m sure someone is thinking ‘well couldn’t they do this illegally behind closed doors somewhere’ and I suppose they could but they still have to figure out how to make their vote totals match with the reports submitted by the poll workers at each polling place.”

One claim said that hundreds of people were registered to vote at one address in Madison. Kehoe said that was easy to figure out.

“437 North Francis Street is one of the largest apartment complexes in the city. In fact, there are currently over 800 people registered to vote from this complex, and in case you’re wondering every single one of them has an apartment number recorded in their voter registration as well.”

Kehoe said a claim that multiple people with similar names were registered to vote at the same address is also easily explained.

“Because these people all have different birthdays and different driver’s license numbers and the average age difference between each pair is about 25 years so I have a hunch that just maybe these voters share a name and reside at the same house because they’re related.”

Kehoe said people are taking information out of context to make bold claims about the elections. He told committee members that claims about elections fraud made at rallies in Madison could have easily been solved and explained if people had brought those concerns to the Elections Commission rather than making “shocking” statements.

Many of the  points covered by Kehoe and elections commission director Meagan Wolfe were in response to  unsubstantiated claims made to the elections committee a week earlier by Peter Bernegger. The convicted felon made numerous assertions, including that a “sect” of elections officials in Milwaukee committed voter fraud.

President Joe Biden won Wisconsin by some 20,000 votes in 2020, a result that has been confirmed by numerous court cases, audits, recounts and reviews.

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