The Wisconsin Football Coaches Association (WFCA) had previously suspended All-Star game activities.  Today, they officially canceled the July 18th games set for Titan Stadium in Oshkosh.

The WFCA Executive Board issued a statement on Wednesday.

“The WFCA is saddened to inform you that the 2020 WFCA All Star Games, benefiting Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and the All-Star banquet are cancelled, due to the COVID pandemic.  We realize that this is disappointing to the players, parents, coaches and fans of the games, but the current situation without the use of college campuses makes it logistically impossible to hold the All-Star Games this year.  We look forward to resuming the WFCA All-Star Games in July of 2021.  Our partners at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin will be contacting the players about receiving their game jersey, incentive wear and game programs.  Banquet reservations will be refunded within the next two weeks.  We appreciate all the efforts of players, parents and coaches prior to this difficult decision and wish you the best going forward in these unprecedented times.”

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