Masks are encouraged at the polls in Wisconsin for Tuesday’s partisan, but not required. And according to Wisconsin Elections Commission spokesman Reid Magney says you won’t be asked to put one on

“Absolutely not. Basically, the law says that only the legislature can add conditions to voting,” Magney said. “The governor cannot say ‘you have to wear a mask to vote,’ and he certainly has not done that. And the commission’s not going to do that.”

“You might be asked to vote over in a corner away from everybody else. Poll workers might take special precaution, but you’re going to get your ballot.” If you do wear one, poll workers may ask you to remove your mask i order to to confirm your identity.

Magney also says local clerks are ready for in-person voting. “Not only have we shipped hand sanitizer and masks and other cleaning supplies to clerks all over the state, we’ve also shipped them a lot of painters tape, to put on the floor for so social distancing.”

In addition, Wisconsin National Guard soldiers and airmen have been activated to assist at polling places in their communities. Unlike for the April election, it appears the majority of polling places will be open.

Magney also reminds us what “partisan” means.

“In Wisconsin, our primaries are ‘open’ to the extent that, on election day, you choose that ‘today I’m a Democrat or today I’m a Republican.’ You can only choose one,” he explained.

“There’s a section on the ballot, where you fill out what your party preference is. You don’t absolutely have to do that, but if for example you vote for somebody in the Democratic column and somebody in the Republican column, if you’ve made that part preference, it will ignore the other party.”

There are no statewide races or initiatives on the ballot, but a host of local and legislative primary races.

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