Fmr Governor Tommy Thompson (File Photo: Jackie Johnson) The future of Tommy Thompson 's run for the White House doesn't look good following the results of Saturday's Iowa Straw poll. The former Wisconsin governor and Health Secretary for President Bush finished sixth in the poll. Steve Grubbs is his senior advisor.

"Financially it's difficult to run a campaign on scant resources and it will be next to impossible to raise the resources necessary to run a campaign with these results. And so the Governor will have to make up his own mind and he'll do that after getting away from this a little bit, but it's safe to say that it will be difficult for us to continue."

Thompson had said in the past that if he didn't come in first – or at least second – in the Straw poll that he'd have to bow out. The 65-year-old, four-term governor took pride in his grassroots efforts, spending time in each of the state's 99 counties, but he lagged well behind the other candidates in campaign funds.

Not surprisingly, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney came in first place in the Republican Straw poll with about 45-hundred votes, or about 31-percent. Coming in a distant second is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, with about 25-hundred votes, or 18-percent. In sixth place, Thompson ( WisPolitics blog ) earned a little over 1-thousand of the 14-thousand votes cast, or just about 7-percent.

(Thanks to FOX news radio and Jason Fischer, WIBA, for contributing to this story.)

AUDIO of Steve Grubbs (:25 MP3)

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