State Representative Terese Berceau (D-Madison) is questioning why lawmakers support raising the tax on liquor but not beer. Wisconsin’s tax on hard liquor would go up 50-cents a liter, under a plan approved by the state Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday. The panel wants revenue generated to help fund tougher drunk driving laws.

Berceau says it “doesn’t make sense” for support of a liquor tax but not her plan to raise the tax on brews by $1.25 a six pack. The Madison Democrat faced opposition by critics who had issue with “being taxed for someone else’s problems” but claims the Judiciary panel’s proposal falls into that category.

“Beer drinkers are the binge drinkers and instead we are having the martini drinkers pay for the beer drinkers.” says Berceau.

She accuses lawmakers of not having the “backbone” to increase the tax on beer, a drink popular with Wisconsinites. She is still holding out hope for a hike the tax on suds but admits there’s not much support at the Capitol.

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