Consumer Protection says beware of companies wanting to help you cut government red tape.

There are businesses that offer to help you obtain legal documents, such as a deed to your home, for a fee. Companies like The National Deed Service of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Consumer Protection's Glen Loyd it may sound like a government agency in Washington DC but it's not. It's just a for profit company selling you the service for sixty dollars. Loyd says you can do it yourself through your county's Register of Deeds for only a few dollars.

Some people are getting solicitations from a company claiming it will help them collect unclaimed money from the State Treasurer's Office for a percentage. Loyd says his office helped one person check the Treasurer's web site and collect his unclaimed money for free.

So what's the lesson here? Loyd says know that government will almost always offer services for less money than a for-profit company. Do your homework and save some money.



AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :54 MP3 )

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