The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletics Association has approved a two tier schedule to reopen high school sports this season.

Low contact and impact sports are set to start in August, with higher contact sports to start in September. WIAA director Dave Anderson says that these openings are dependent on how active COVID-19 is in an area. 

“But the opportunity to play a game is going to be dependent upon what the temperature is, if you will, in our region. Does our local, Regional, tribal, you know, Department of Health say we are at the appropriate stage in our area to allow games to go forward?”

Anderson says more directives on how sports will run and how safety will be maintained will be going out to schools soon. 

“That guidance on how to proceed will be out to all of our members schools more specifically than the summer contact guidance.”

High school football will run with just a six game schedule and three weeks of playoffs. 

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