Brett Favre ESPN is reporting that retired quarterback Brett Favre is scheduled to meet with Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress about a possible comeback.  That meeting is said to take place later this week at an undisclosed location.

Are you ready for this Favre fans?  Is this Ted Thompson's fault too?  It really appears that Favre is considering a return because he wants to stick it to Ted.

Favre needs to keep this in mind.  A soon to be 40 year old quarterback with a torn biceps can likely find it easy to muster enough adrenaline to get through two games against his former team.  But you can't play a whole season on adrenaline.  Favre is certainly entitled to return, but he needs to do it for the right reasons.  He needs to return because he feels he can help the Vikings or any other team make a deep run in the playoffs, not because he wants to teach Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers a lesson.

Maybe Favre will simply meet with Brad Childress and decide he can't make the type of commitment that it takes to play at a high level for a whole season.  Or, maybe he'll sign a deal right then and there. 

Personally, I think Favre would be better suited by walking away, stay in retirement and to keep the countdown rolling towards his eventual first ballot Hall of Fame induction.  Get over the bitterness, forget about Ted Thompson and let the love affair with Packers fans rekindle itself. 

I know Favre backers can't see it, or refuse to see it, but Favre is done.  He's had an unbelievable career, but his body has taken a beating and it's starting to show.  Favre shouldn't let a stop with one of the Packers bitter rivals tarnish the end of his career.  Besides, putting on a purple #4 just isn't right.


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