The message Marshfield Town residents gave the Town Board Monday night was clear; they don't believe their concerns about a local wind farm are being addressed. WE Energies operates the 88 turbines of the Blue Sky Green Field Wind Farm in Fond du Lac County's Calumet and Marshfield Townships. Among the concerns expressed at the meeting were problems with noise from the turbines, shadow flicker, radio and television reception, dead bats and water fowl and more.

At the meeting was State Senator Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac). He says he'll certainly keep the comments in mind as policy workers in the Capitol look at expanding alternative forms of energy.

Town Attorney John St. Peter will pass along the concerns to WE Energies officials and get back to the Board on what remedies they might have. He says without the benefit of a local agreement called the joint development agreement with the utility company they wouldn't be able to do that.

Someone who lives among the turbines doesn't feel the local elected officials are doing anything to address their problems. "We need to get new Town Board members because I believe that would be a huge benefit to look out for our best interest, rather than look out for WE Energies best interests," says Bruce Dalka.

About 70 people attended the meeting in Mt. Calvary.

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