A state tourism leader wants Governor Evers to redo his plan to reopen the state’s economy.

Tom Diehl operates Tommy Bartlett’s in Wisconsin Dells. He says that the plans released by Governor Evers on Monday don’t properly take the needs of Wisconsin’s businesses into account.

“I think all of Governor Evers input has come from the healthcare sector. Taking that approach, one would not open up the state until the very last case of COVID disappeared.”

Diehl wants the Governor to convene a special blue ribbon panel with business leaders included to lay out a new plan to open up businesses. He says that businesses are already figuring out ways to keep their customers and employees safe.

“Restaurants would have to do it a different way than the hotels, a different way than the retail and so on and so forth.”

Diehl says none of the business leaders he knows were consulted on the new Bounce Back program, and he wants GOP leadership in the Legislature to put more pressure on Evers to figure out a plan.

UPDATE: The Governor’s office says that they have been in regular contact with business leaders from all sectors in their planning for the Badger Bounce Back Program, and that the Governor has been taking part in twice weekly briefings with the public alongside the Department of Health Services.

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