A group which advocated for Wisconsin’s constitutional amendment banning same sex unions denies that its legal challenge to the state’s new domestic registry is mean spirited.

“We’re not mean-spirited,” says Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Action. “We are doing what is necessary to defend the will of 1.26 million Wisconsin voters who said this is what they wanted marriage to be through the vote the vote on the constitutional amendment in November of 2007. They wanted it to be between a man and woman. How that gets interpreted as mean spirited is beyond me.”

Appling says the attempt to intervene in the lawsuit by Fair Wisconsin and the ACLU, shows that those who favor same-sex marriage will constantly push the courts to overturn the will of state voters. “This intervenor motion highlights for us what we know to be true, that people who want to redefine marriage will constantly push for the courts to do that for them,” says Aplling. “We are committed to expeditiously and aggressively defending this constitutional amendment that the people passed, as well as the institution of marriage.” 

WIBA’s John Colbert submitted this report

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