It was mostly A's and B's for Wisconsin on the Center for Public Policy and Higher Education's annual national report card, but the state failed again in making college more affordable. State Representative Rob Kreibich (R-Eau Claire) chairs the Assembly Colleges and Universities committee. He says the failing grade should be a wake up call to the UW System that college is becoming unaffordable for many families. The Eau Claire Republican says the report shows the need for the UW system to cap tuition. He says without a cap, it's too easy for the governor or legislature to cut university funding…which passes on the additional costs to students and their families.

The state did score well in areas such as preparing students for college and the number of students who complete a college education. But Kreibich says cost will remain a barrier because students can't benefit from those offerings if they can't afford school in the first place. The report card is an annual report from the Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, which grades higher education systems across the US.

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