Wisconsin missionaries and volunteers are still streaming home from Haiti, all with horror stories from the earthquake that hit a week ago. About a dozen La Crosse area residents are expected home today. They were three days into a week-long medical mission when the quake hit.

The group had set up a medical clinic and a feeding program for about 900 youngsters, when they were suddenly pressed into treating survivors from Port-au-Prince. Missionaries Rod and Debbie Wray said the victims’ stories are amazing. They described a young electrician whose left arm was pinned under his partner’s head with a force so strong that it cut off his circulation. The partner died; and now the survivor’s arm must be amputated.

Eight missionaries from the Sheboygan area are also home safe. Mike Voskuil says the Haitian people have no choice but to take each day as it comes.

Mike Voiskuil (:12)


Despite saying Haiti now resembles a “war zone,” each of the eight said they would return to country to continue their missionary work.

John Julitz-WHBL contributed to this report

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