A Wisconsin native is in the middle of Iraq helping both Sunnis and Shiia broadcast of message of “stop the violence.”

Paul McKellips , born and raised in Neenah and a former business partner with Packers legend Reggie White is now in Baqubah Iraq. He works for the US State Department's Global Outreach Team currently trying to establish an independent radio and TV station run by both Sunni and Shiia broadcasters. His role is to help the local broadcasters organize their programming; but the content is all theirs. McKellips says if there is a “good news” story in Iraq it's this radio station, with a signal that reaches most of the country.

McKellips says the radio station broadcasts 14-18 hours a day and they're just about to launch a TV station as well.

AUDIO: Jim Dick interview (12:00 MP3)

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