While commercial spinach fields are being plowed under thanks to the ecoli scare, Wisconsin farmers are saying buy local.

Judy Hageman wasn't sure what to expect when she heard the news linking ecoli to spinach.

Judy grows winter spinach on her Snug Haven Farm in Belleville. When it's ready, she will sell it to restaurants and customers at farmer's markets. She and the other spinach farmers she knows use vegetable based compost which, she says, should eliminate any ecoli contamination because it's not animal based manure. She also waters and washes her spinach with the same well water her family drinks.

State health officials have said there shouldn't be any problems with farmers' market spinach and that brings a sigh of relief for Judy Hageman and other small to medium farmers who sell locally. She thinks, unlike commercial California farmers, local spinach harvests will do well.
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