By order of the governor, Wisconsin is standing by to offer Minnesota any assistance needed in the bridge collapse tragedy.

Wisconsin's Emergency Management Team got involved shortly after the Interstate 35W bridge went down.

Lori Getter at the Emergency Management Office says Wisconsin has been in touch with Minnesota offering any special rescue/recovery teams or other help. And even though Minnesota has not asked for it, Getter says this state stands ready to send anyone needed.

Because so many people live in Wisconsin and work or visit Minnesota regularly, Getter says, there was some initial concern about other Mississippi River crossings. Early indications said an explosion was connected to the Minneapolis collapse. That got Homeland Security involved quickly.

Getter says the feds also determined quickly it was not the work of terrorists and informed Wisconsin there was no reason to be concerned about other Mississippi crossings.

And if there is anyone in Wisconsin who's wondering about family or friends being involved the tragedy a special phone line is up at the Wisconsin State Patrol Post in Eau Claire. 715-839-3803

The Twin Cities Red Cross has also set up a web site for people to contact.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:04 MP3 )

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