Melvin Gordon

Melvin Gordon

According to a story in today’s Wisconsin State Journal (Tom Oates), Melvin Gordon has an insurance policy for his upcoming season at Wisconsin and it’s being paid for by the University of Wisconsin.

Melvin passed on the NFL draft this spring to return to the Badgers for his junior season.  For that loyalty to the school, the University has agreed to pay the premiums for a policy that insures Gordon against injury this season.

Wisconsin athletic Director Barry Alvarez told the State Journal that the premiums will be paid by UW out of its Student Opportunity Fund.  Each school has such a fund, under the guidelines of the NCAA.

Alvarez said Gordon’s insurance will cost the school “in the range” of $27,000 to $28,000 for the upcoming season.

Alvarez told the State Journal, “We do a lot with that SOF Fund as far as helping student-athletes, as all schools do.  You always hear about how you take advantage and you exploit the student-athletes, but you rarely read where you help them.  We felt and I felt that this was a good use of that fund.”

Gordon said the school’s decision to pay the insurance bill had nothing to do with his decision to return for his junior season.

There are two types of policies, one that covers permanent disability from career-ending injuries, and one that covers loss of value should a player who is projected in a certain round get picked later due to injury or illness.

Check out Tom Oates story here!

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