The Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group is out with its annual report on hazardous toys. For 21 years, WISPIRG has been reviewing the safety of toys on store shelves each holiday season. Rick La Torra, the Campaign Coordinator for the annual project, says the group found several toys on the market this year that present choking and strangulation hazards, as well as products that could be harmful if children ingest parts of the toy.

Toys identified in the report as potentially unsafe for several reasons include MEGA Brands' Magnetix Toys, Water Yo-Yo Balls, and the Little Tikes Carry Along Musical Keyboard.

La Torra says any death from a toy is inexcusable, because they can easily be prevented. WISPIRG is urging those shopping for toys to closely evaluate them for any potentially unsafe features. Parents can use a cardboard toilet paper tube to determine if a toy is small enough for children to choke on.

Unsafe toys injured nearly 73,000 US children under the age of five in 2005. About 20 children were killed because of accidents involving toys.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (AUDIO 1:08)

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