The state’s largest business lobby is out with their own plan to reopen Wisconsin businesses starting May 4th.

Scott Manley with Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce says their model will use data on infections and chances of spreading the virus based on business models. “When you have an outbreak in a particular area this model will automatically increase those risk factors and correspondingly, businesses in that county will have to do more.”

Manley says that businesses in rural Wisconsin that haven’t seen infections should be given a chance to open up. “Right now we have a one-size-fits-all policy that says whether it’s Milwaukee that’s having the problem or Dane County that’s having the problem or Brown County that’s having the problem, everybody pays the price for that.

Governor Evers’ office says he’s happy that the business community agrees with him that there needs to be a gradual phase in of activity. “Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites are currently working every day to keep our communities safe and healthy and we owe it to them to take a measured approach to phasing in even more of our workforce.”

The Governor’s office says there is not yet enough testing in place to make May 4th the opening day for businesses. 

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