The Chicago Bears got away with hiding Rex Grossman most of the season.  They learned the hard way that you can't do it in the Super Bowl and win.

The game plan going in was to run the ball and not let Rex Grossman lose it.  What happened was the Bears couldn't run the ball consistently and when Chicago needed help from its quarterback, Grossman wasn't capable of pulling it off.

The Bears will tell you that they made great strides and will be ready to finish off the deal next season. 

I have news for Bear fans.  It's not going to happen until the Bears find a new quarterback.  Lovie Smith didn't make a change during the regular season because Grossman's backup, Brian Griese wasn't that much better and Smith didn't want to upset the apple cart. 

It's hard to argue with 13-3 in the regular season.  But in reality, a part of that success came in a bad division.  Take nothing away from the Bears.  They got to the point that every team is trying to get to.  They need not apologize for losing the Super Bowl.  But Chicago has to cut the cord with Rex Grossman and get themselves a real quarterback or they'll be playing runner-up again!


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