Former State Senator Dave Zien was involved in a ruckus at the state Capitol on Tuesday, but he says it was protestors causing the trouble.

Video shot in the Capitol Rotunda showed a circle of protestors singing, while the former Eau Claire Republican rolled his wheelchair among them, shouting “Walker for President.”  At one point, Zien can be seen rolling his wheelchair over some belongings of the protestors but he claims the footage doesn’t show what really happened.

“The videotape you see starts where I’m rocking ahead and back trying to get off something beneath my wheelchair. I did not run over anything purposely.”

Zien also denies one of his companions with a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag later punched a protestor which led to a broken tooth. He is calling the allegation “absolutely, totally false.”

The former Senate Republican was a champion of concealed carry when he was in the state senate. He was at the Capitol Tuesday when the Assembly passed a measure allowing concealed weapons in the state.

AUDIO: Dan Lea-WAYY reports (:54)

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