A UW Milwaukee student learns how hard it can be, to get candidates face to face.

Bradley Wooten started with a simple premise — get Jim Doyle and Mark Green on campus to talk with students from around the UW System on issues of concern to them. Wooten, who's President of the UW Milwaukee chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, says from the very beginning, the Green campaign seemed eager to participate, while the Doyle campaign was more noncommittal. Wooten says an eventual “no” came from the Doyle campaign as a voicemail message. In addition, Green's campaign indicated that after consulting with Doyle's campaign, Green would not be participating.

Wooten says organizers would have been more than happy if just Green and Nelson Eisman, the Green Party candidate, had participated in the forum, which now won't be happening at all. The forum had been scheduled for Sunday, October 8th.

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