Photo: WRN

Photo: WRN

With Halloween on a Saturday this year, drivers and trick-or-treaters are both being urged to stay safe.

Nick Jarmusz with AAA-Wisconsin says weekend dates for the holiday usually lead to an increase in fatal accidents and injuries, with people out longer celebrating. “That’s why we urge parents to make sure their kids are being as safe as possible,” he says.

Jarmusz says parents should talk to their children about staying on sidewalks and obeying traffic laws, while using crosswalks when possible. Make sure costumes are visible by using reflective tape and make sure masks do not unsafely obscure a child’s vision.

For drivers, slow down, remain sober, and avoid any distractions behind the wheel…especially in residential areas. “Unless you have a reason to be driving through a residential area, stay on the main roads as much as possible,” Jarmusz suggests.
Many local police departments will have extra patrols out this weekend looking for impaired drivers.

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