February 11, 2016

A new push for voter ID legislation

A state lawmaker is making a last-minute push to require Wisconsin voters to show photo identification at the polls.

State Representative Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) is proposing a bill and constitutional amendment that would require voters to show a state-issued photo ID card when they go to vote. He says there are a lot of problems with accuracy in the current system, and such a requirement would help to address those issues.

The measure is similar to one previously approved by lawmakers, which Governor Doyle vetoed. Stone still believes there’s strong support and argues a strong majority of the public wants a photo ID requirement in place.

The proposal is unlikely to see any action before the Legislature wraps up its current session in April. However, Stone says it’s important to start a discussion as lawmakers consider other bills that would make it easier for voters to register. One of those proposals would automatically register citizens to vote if they have contact with a state agency. Stone says it only makes sense to require voters registered that way to verify their identity at the polls.

Opponents of ID legislation argue it could be used to disenfranchise voters.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:08)


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