February 13, 2016

Pro-Walker bus tour launches

A group that supports Governor Walker is bringing the rally to you. Americans for Prosperity has launched a three day, statewide bus tour. State Director Matt Seaholm says it’s for tax payers around Wisconsin that can’t take a day off to come to Madison but may be able make it to one of ten cities slated for a stop.

Despite massive opposition rallies at the capitol, Seaholm believes most Wisconsinites support Walker. He says Governor campaigned on those plans when he won in November, adding the budget repair bill is not an attack on unions simply an effort to balance the budget.

“Any time a business is looking to cut costs, they’re largest cost is employment cost. It’s the same thing with government,” says the Chippewa Falls native, who supports Walker’s efforts to scale bargaining rights to avoid laying off public workers.

The group receives financial backing from the billionaire Koch brothers which has been a source of criticism for opponents of Walker. Critics say unlike the protests at the state capitol, AFP is not grassroots.

“Well I think they’ve got to tell that the 100,000 members that we now have in Wisconsin,” says Seaholm, adding 30,000 of whom joined after AFP set up a Stand with Walker online petition.

The AFP bus tour launched this morning in Kenosha and will conclude in Madison Sunday.

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