February 7, 2016

Kleefisch ready for recall

While the main focus of recall organizers was the effort to remove Governor Scott Walker from office, petition circulators were also going after signatures against Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. Recall groups say over 845,000 signatures were collected during that effort, making it likely her name will be on the same ballot as the governor.

Kleefisch says she’s looking forward to standing by Walker’s side on the campaign trail and focusing on what they achieved during their first year in office. She says “we’re proud of what happened over the last year and month of our time in office because we have seen tremendous reform in the state of Wisconsin and the reforms are working.”

While Kleefisch and Governor Walker will be on the ballot alone in a likely election, she expects they will campaign together. She says “we’re a team” and she stands behind the governor’s “great decisions” that lead to reforms and balancing the budget.

While several possible candidates have emerged to face Walker, there’s been little discussion of who would run against Kleefisch in a likely recall election. Still, Kleefisch she has no doubt their opponents will be “handpicked by what they believe to be out of state union bosses,” which will be a stark contrast to her and the governor.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (:58)

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