February 10, 2016

Race is set for Galloway’s district

State Representative Jerry Petrowski will run for former Senator Pam Galloway’s seat in a recall. The Marathon Republican said Wednesday he is ready to serve constituents in a new way. “We need to continue to balance the state budget, and protect our taxpayers, by making government live within its means, and by finding ways to do more with less,” he said. “I believe that as your state senator, I will have the ability to have an even greater impact on our community, and our families here in central and north-central Wisconsin.

The 61-year-old Petrowski will face Wausau Democratic Representative Donna Seidel in a recall May 8th if there are no other challengers. “Jerry Petrowski had the chance to lead the Assembly into that way of working and compromising, and he failed to do that,” said Seidel.

Galloway had been facing recall before she resigned Friday, citing family health issues. The Government Accountability Board said the recall would move forward despite the resignation and that Galloway’s name would not appear on the ballot.

Matt Lehman, WSAU

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