February 12, 2016

Election Day — no photo required

If you vote today, you are not required to show photo identification.

There are two court injunctions against portions of Wisconsin’s new voter photo ID law, so the full law is not being enforced. Appeals have been filed against those rulings, however Reid Magney of the Government Accountability Board says there’s no time for any last minute changes before the Republican presidential primary and spring elections today. “Based on the two current court rulings a photo ID is not required in Wisconsin to vote on Tuesday. Because the case has been appealed to the Supreme Court and we do not know what the Supreme Court is going to do, it may be advisable if you have an ID to bring it with you, however, you are not required to show it in order to get a ballot or to vote.”

Magney says elections officials are ready for everything. “We’ve told clerks to make sure they train their poll workers about the law in the event that there’s any sort of change (if it goes into effect), but that they should not enforce the law.” However, voters are required to do one thing as a result of the new law, “They still have to sign the poll book.”

The change in residency requirement in the new law is also valid. Voters need to have lived in their current residence for at least 28 days. As it stands now, you do not need to show a photo ID to vote.

Some accepted forms of identification include a Wisconsin driver’s license, state ID, military ID, passport, pay check, utility bill, cell phone bill, bank statement or mortgage.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 1:27

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