February 13, 2016

Tea party to rally in Madison

Thousands of Tea Party supporters are expected to descend on the state Capitol this weekend, as Americans for Prosperity holds its fourth annual Tax Day rally in Madison. The rally will kick off on the Capitol square just before noon on Saturday.

AFP state Director Luke Hilgemann says the movement has grown in Wisconsin over the last five years, with over 115,000 members and activists in the state now. He says they are having an impact and making their voices heard with a call for lower taxes, less spending, and limited government.

With Governor Scott Walker’s move over the last year to cut government spending, Hilgemann says members do see Wisconsin heading on the right path and making significant strides. However, he says there’s still a long ways to go and they want to continue pushing their efforts towards Washington.

Several conservative leaders on the state and national levels will attend Saturday’s event. Last year, former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin headlined the program. Hilgemann says Palin has not confirmed a return to Madison this year, but has not declined their invitation either.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (:59)

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