February 10, 2016

Barrett wants answers on John Doe probe

With almost two weeks to go until a recall election, Democrats are focusing their attention on an investigation with possible ties to Governor Scott Walker.

The John Doe probe in Milwaukee County has resulted in charges against multiple people, including two of Walker’s former aides from his time as county executive being accused of doing campaign work on county time. The governor has not been charged and says he is not the target of the investigation, but he has set up a legal defense fund.

Democratic recall challenger Tom Barrett says voters deserve to know why that fund was established and what Walker’s role in the scandal might have been. Barrett on Monday also called for the governor to release emails turned over to prosecutors regarding an alleged secret email system in the county executive’s office.

Walker says Barrett’s questions are nothing more than a “desperate attempt by a desperate campaign” to try to talk about anything else besides the facts. The governor says his critics have been proven wrong when they attacked him on the economy and jobs, so now they are trying to distract voters with another topic.

Governor Walker says he’s not worried about any impact the probe or Barrett’s calls for more details will have on the upcoming recall election. The two candidates face each other in a June 5th recall election.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:05)

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