February 7, 2016

Hovde unveils economic proposals

One of four Republicans in the race for U.S. Senate is laying out his economic plans. Businessman Eric Hovde says lawmakers have to deal with the deficit. “We are borrowing 38 cents on every dollar we spend,” says Hovde. “This leads to an economic collapse.”

Hovde says he would also work to reform the tax code, and eliminate corporate tax breaks. “We have to get rid of the corporate welfare, where giant companies can buy off our career politicians to manipulate the tax code to their advantage, where in many cases they pay nothing in tax, while small businesses or medium-sized businesses are paying the highest corporate tax rate in the world.”

Hovde was at Cleaning Systems Incorporated in DePere on Wednesday. He’ll face former governor Tommy Thompson, former congressman Mark Neumann and Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald in the August 14th primary. The winner will take on Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin in November.

Mike Kemmeter, WHBY

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