February 13, 2016

Heat raises worries about buckling pavement

Concerns about buckling pavement are prompting a warning from the state Department of Transportation.

There have already been dozens of cases across the state this week where pavement has buckled or exploded. Rory Rhinesmith with the DOT says the record high temperatures are to blame, as the heated pavement sometimes expands beyond the seams along the slabs.

On just the Fourth of July, the DOT had 17 reported cases of buckling pavement on major state roads due to the extreme heat.

Rhinesmith says drivers should report any damaged roads by calling 911, so crews can make emergency repairs.

Rhinesmith says there’s no way to really tell where pavement will buckle, so drivers need to remain alert. Drivers are also reminded to slow down and move over for crews making emergency repairs.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:06)

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