February 7, 2016

Lawmaker seeks wind siting changes

A long time wind power critic wants a reboot at the state Public Service Commission. State Senator Frank Lasee claims a World Health Organization recommends wind turbines be sited two kilometers – or 1.2 miles – from residences. “We’re learning this from around the country, around the world. The European countries that have had industrial wind towers longer, are finding out that they really do effect people’s lives, and make some people quite sick,” Lasee said. The Republican lawmaker said that includes some people in his district.

Michael Vickerman with Renew Wisconsin said that while WHO did look at a wide range of noise issues in Europe, it made no recommendations on the siting of turbines. “It is impossible to find a place in most parts of the world, where you can find 1.2 miles of separation between a turbine and a residence,” said Vickerman.

Lasee is asking the Public Service Commission to change its rules for locating wind turbines, and to change composition of its wind siting council. A PSC spokesman said the commission is working to appoint new members to the council. Seven members’ terms expired on July 1st and a few other members may no longer be interested in serving. The council will meet, this year, after the appointments have been made.

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