February 14, 2016

Pipeline disruption bumps gas prices

Southern Wisconsin drivers are paying more for gas because of the pipeline breakdown in Washington County. Paul Simon of Rollette Oil in Janesville says this is a problem isolated to the Midwest because the disruption occurred on a line running from Chicago to Milwaukee to Green Bay. Supply could not keep up with demand, prompting the Madison market to get its fuel from the west.

Gas prices have jumped nearly $.30 per gallon in the last few weeks, but Simon says prices will ease in the coming weeks as the disruption is fixed and demand for summer travel wanes.

To free up fuel supplies, the governor lifted service restrictions for gasoline drivers on state highways.

Two weeks ago today, more than 50,000 gallons of gasoline leaked from a line near Jackson that was owned by the West Shore Pipeline Company. The company and state agencies have been busy with clean up and monitoring wells around the breakage.

Kyle Geissler-WCLO contributed to this report

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