February 10, 2016

Wisconsin Republicans gather at delayed convention

Wisconsin’s GOP delegation and party members are gathering in Tampa for the delayed Republican National Convention. Among them Sol Grosskopf, a 25-year-old Shawano native, who is a Republican because of his concern of government getting bigger and bigger.

“I think Republicans are the only party that is willing stand for a limited government that allows for individual freedom,” he says.

Wisconsin continues to be in national spotlight with soon to be Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan. Governor Scott Walker; RNC Chairman Reince Preibus; and New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the former Milwaukee archbishop, are all getting the national stage.

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner had to scrap plans to attend the event because he’s recovering from hip surgery. The lawmaker from Menominee Falls was injured from tripping over wires at a gathering with constituents Saturday.

The speeches are being delayed a day because of tropical storm conditions. Preibus will convene the event this afternoon then go immediately into recess until Tuesday afternoon.

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