February 11, 2016

Merrill teachers want new contract

The labor union representing public school teachers in Madison has announced it wants contract negotiations reopened. The move by Madison Teachers Incorporated came Monday, in the wake of last week’s ruling by a Dane County judge, which struck down portions of Act 10, the state law which restricts collective bargaining. Teachers in northern Wisconsin’s Merrill school district district rs are following suit.

Merrill Teachers Association representative Tom Andreska wants the district to return to the 2011-2012 contract which it had prior to implementation of Act 10. That would mean more power to negotiate wages, insurance coverage, class sizes, and working conditions. Merrill, like most districts, is apprehensive to make changes right now since the judge’s Friday ruling will be appealed by Attorney General J. B Van Hollen. Interim Superintendent Don Stevens has agreed to meet with Andreska to discuss the union’s request, but he said Friday’s court ruling leaves too many unanswered questions.

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