February 6, 2016

Van Hollen requests stay on Act 10 ruling

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen is formally asking a judge to stay a court ruling against Act 10, Governor Walker’s controversial law that limits collective bargaining for most public employees.

Van Hollen filed a motion in Dane County Circuit Court Tuesday that asks Judge Juan Colas to effectively put his ruling from last Friday on hold while an appeal takes place. Van Hollen says he feels the state is highly likely to succeed in overturning the decision on appeal, so staying it while that process plays out would limit any problems the ruling could cause within local units of government.

The motion argues a stay is needed to avoid confusion or harm that might result from local governments not being able to take full advantage of Act 10 while an appeal is pending. Van Hollen says “it makes no sense to force a return to a broken system before the appellate process is completed.”

AUDIO: J.B. Van Hollen (:11)

It’s unclear how the judge will handle the motion from the Attorney General. However, a spokesperson from the Department of Justice says they are ready to request a stay from the Appellate or state Supreme Court if needed.

WIBA’s John Colbert contributed to this report.

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