February 9, 2016

Green Bay Catholic Diocese warns voters

The Green Bay Catholic Diocese is reminding parishioners this weekend that their souls are “in jeopardy” for the upcoming election. People attending Catholic churches in the Green Bay Diocese this weekend will find a message in their newsletters from Bishop David Ricken warning them how they vote on November 6th could put their “soul in jeopardy.”

In the message, Ricken asks parishioners to keep Catholic principles in mind when they vote, specifically referring to 5 issues the Church finds “intrinsically evil” such as abortion, embryonic stem cell research and gay marriage.

Bishop Ricken adds that the Church is against “aggressive moves” by the Obama administration which required even religious organizations to provide birth control coverage to employees, if the primary mission of the business was not to advance the organization’s religious beliefs. This exempted churches and religious primary schools but not hospitals or universities. The bishop suggests this could force Catholic hospitals to only accept Catholic patients.

The diocese would not comment Friday.The Bishop will apparently speak to the media on Saturday.


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