February 11, 2016

Red Cross responds to hurricane

Helping our friends on the east coast.

The American Red Cross has been preparing for hurricane Sandy for several days, so says Tom Mooney with the Badger Chapter. “We put an S.O.S. out to our volunteers nationwide.”

Mooney says they already sent mobile feeding units with food and supplies to certain locations. The mobile units were deployed on Saturday morning, timed to arrive before the storm.

Many other volunteers are also being sent to the east coast. “Many of them are skilled in setting up shelters. Right now we have over 112 shelters in nine states.”

Shelters and staff will be repositioned, depending on where there is the greatest need. Mooney says the Red Cross also has volunteers in waiting, to be deployed as needed.

There’s always a need for blood, but not necessarily for use on the east coast right now. Mooney says nearly 100 blood drives have already been canceled due to the storm, which means blood donations are down between 3,000 to 4,000 units. “Providing blood or providing financial donations or volunteering can really help us.”

Visit for information on how you can help. Also, easily donate $10 instantly by texting RedCross to the number: 90999. Stop by an American Red Cross chapter near you or call: 1-800-RedCross.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 1:34

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