February 7, 2016

Biden rallies supporters in Beloit

Vice President Joe Biden gave an energetic campaign speech Friday in Beloit, about 10 miles from where his Republican opponent Paul Ryan lives. Biden said the nation’s generous response to Superstorm Sandy victims proved what his mother told him, that “out of everything bad, something good will come.” And the vice president said the same thing applies to the country as a whole.

Biden said there are still significant problems with the economy but there are also, “gigantic opportunities for the country.” Biden told how President Obama has made economic progress. He also accused Republicans, including Ryan, of being focused on giving lower taxes to America’s wealthiest families.

Biden also criticized Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Ryan of changing their positions on foreign policy issues based on where they happen to be speaking that day. He said “with these guys, it always depends…on who you’re talking to, where you are, what time of day it is.”

AUDIO: Vice President Biden (:13)

After his speech, Biden left for Superior, where he was scheduled to appear this afternoon.

Jon Meerdink, WCLO

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