February 8, 2016

DNR has new sunrise/sunset app

When to pull the trigger? There’s an app for that. It’s late in the day. You’re in your tree stand and you realize you don’t have the hunting regulation pamphlet with you. Not to worry if you’ve downloaded the new “sunrise/sunset” app from the state Department of Natural Resources. “It basically allows a person who downloads the app to determine when legal shooting hours are,” said the DNR’s Karl Brooks.

The app is only 99 cents – and it may well be the wave of the future. How about a bag limit app? “One of the things you can probably look forward to for Wisconsin DNR to develop is additional apps that might be helpful to hunters, anglers and snowmobilers,” said Brooks.

The “DNR sunrise/sunset app” can by found at the Google Play Store, or check the DNR website.

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