February 10, 2016

Police chief: Man killed while reaching for officer’s gun

Madison police confirm a man, shot and killed by an officer, was not a burglar but someone who mistakenly went to the wrong house.

Early Friday morning, a woman called police saying someone was breaking into her family’s home. Her husband went to investigate and met up with 30-year-old Paul Heenan. Upon realizing the mistake, he tried to walk Heimsness back to his home nearby.

Officer Stephen Heimsness arrived and saw what he thought was a scuffle. After ordering both men down, Police Chief Noble Wray says Heenan came after Heimsness and appeared to be reaching for the officer’s gun.

Heenan was not armed. He was a musician who’d recently moved back to Madison.

Wray says the homeowner and another officer on the scene back up Heimsness’ version of the events.

AUDIO: Wray on corroboration of incident (:13)

Toxicology tests are pending and the chief says the investigation is continuing.

Robin Colbert-WIBA

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