February 9, 2016

Ryan reflects on race and what’s ahead

With the presidential race behind him, it’s finally life back to normal for Congressman Paul Ryan. The father of three says campaigning as Mitt Romney’s running mate was a good experience for his kids who saw new parts of the U.S. He adds people were “very good and respectful to our kids” and the Romneys treated him and his wife Janna, “like family.”

While being re-elected to the 1st Congressional District, Ryan drew fewer votes in his hometown of Janesville in both the presidential and House races.

The 42-year-old calls it a “very Democratic town,” where he’s always done well. “Because more people saw me not as a Republican but just as a Janesville guy,” he says. “When you join the national ticket for a party you become seen more as Republican guy than a Janesville guy.”

As House budget chairman, Ryan is turning his attention back to the fiscal issues facing the country.

AUDIO:  Ryan on focusing on Congressional work (:26)

Ryan’s Congressional opponent, Democrat Rob Zerban of Kenosha, came within 11.5 points of unseating him making it the smallest victory margin in the Republican’s eight successful House campaigns.

Andrea Morrow-WCLO contributed to this report

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