February 10, 2016

Walker: Early voting could off-set same day registration

Governor Scott Walker says it’s not a priority but he would sign a bill that would end same day voter registration in Wisconsin.   Walker suggested the proposal during a speech in California last Friday.  On Tuesday in Oconto, he said it’s nothing new, and it’s what he campaigned on in 2010. 

Walker said the change would have “minimal if any impact” as the tide is turning toward early voting anyway.

AUDIO: Walker on early voting trends. (:25)

Walker indicated that he would prefer to have registration stop the Friday or a week before an election.

The suggestion of doing away with same day registration has resulted in criticism of the policy.

Since 1976, Wisconsinites have been able to register at the polls. The number of same-day registrations is not in for the 2012 presidential election, but in 2008 more than 15 percent, or more than 460,000 ballots cast, were by people who registered on Election Day.  

Terry Lee-WTAQ contributed to this report

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